Recording Tips

Recording Tips

For Wedding Guests

Here we give wedding guests a few essential tips to capture the best possible footage.

We invite you to have a look at our animation to get a quick overview of how to capture the best kind of footage.

Film In Landscape

When recording with a phone, the temptation is to film in portrait. However when creating a video that’s meant to be viewed on a variety of different devices – TVS, Tablets etc. – portrait doesn’t work as well as landscape. Landscape captures much more and looks so much better in the completed video.

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Longer Videos Are Better

When creating videos for a wedding, longer videos are always better. We recommend videos be at least over 30 seconds but during important parts of the wedding – such as the speeches or the ceremony – even longer videos are required. The happy couple will want to watch the speeches and ceremony in their entirety so it’s important that guests capture as much as possible. This is always important for audio. Speaking of audio…

Always be Aware of Audio

One of the most fun parts of a Record The Knot wedding video is capturing wedding guests’ well wishes. These testimonials can be one of the most fun and heartwarming parts of the video. However, it’s important to consider audio. When recording someone speaking, try to record in a quiet area. Yeah, we know people want to express themselves on the dance floor but loud music often obscures their voice.