1. Can you explain the process from start to finish?

faq_image_sizedThe Record The Knot process begins before the wedding day. The happy couple – after paying the 50 Euro deposit – sends Record The Knot their guests’ email list, along with any suggestions for the final video. We then email the wedding guests, encouraging them to capture as much footage as possible. We also direct them to our Recording Tips page.

After the wedding — using the wedding guest email network — we send a second email with a dropbox link to where wedding guests can upload their footage.

From here wedding guests upload their videos and images of the big day and anything else they’d like to this dropbox account.

dropbox_sizedRecord The Knot’s professional editor then compiles this media, into one beautifully created wedding video; that shows multiple perspectives of the big day.

A low-resolution preview version is shown to the newlyweds, giving them an opportunity to change aspects of the video before the final edit.

Once the client is happy and payment is received, Record the Knot sends the full resolution video to the newlyweds.

Do you have any more questions regarding Record The Knot’s process? Then get in contact with us now. Call us or email us today.

2. How much does it cost to get a wedding video from Record The Knot?

To begin the process we require a down payment of 50 euro. Before we release the full resolution, downloadable version of the video, a full payment of 100 euro must be paid. In total it costs 150 euro to avail of this wedding Service.

3. How do I pay?

Currently, we only accept payments through PayPal. All payment can be made through our payment page.

4. Why don’t I just hire a wedding videographer?

One of the major issues with a wedding videographer is the oftentimes high-cost associated with the hiring. A videographer fee is often in the thousands. Record The Knot is a cost effective method of having a wedding video that incorporates multiple perspectives of your wedding day.

5. Who should shoot the footage?

speech_sizedAt Record The Knot we encourage every one of your wedding guests with access to a smartphone or a camera to upload their footage and photos to the dedicated dropbox folder. Clients have told us in the past that older children often love having the job of being the official wedding cameraperson. The unique service provided by Record The Knot means some genuine human moments can be captured and remembered forever during your wedding day.

6. What if I don’t want certain videos or photos in the finished product?

Record the Knot’s professional editor will use discretion in selecting what goes into the wedding video and will not include anything distasteful or anything that could potentially embarrass the newlyweds or their wedding guests. Before the final edit, a private video link will be sent to the client allowing them to view a low-resolution “rough cut”. At this stage, clients can request the removal of any scenes they dislike from the final edit.

7. What happens if not enough people upload their videos?

If not enough footage is captured to make at least a 10-minute video, the down payment will be returned to the client and no payment will be necessary. However, the PayPal transaction fees will be the responsibility of the client.

8. What should be recorded?

cake_sizedWe encourage clients and their guests to be as creative as possible with their captured footage.

Why not capture videos in the weeks leading up to the big day and give your wedding film a Video Diary feel. Are you having a day after the wedding celebration? Then upload videos and photos of that memorable occasion. Why not upload some videos and photos from the honeymoon so you can remember all aspects of your wedding.

To really give your video a full, rich feel we encourage guests to at least capture footage and images of:

-Before the Ceremony

-Bride/Groom Arrival

-The Ceremony

-After the Ceremony

-Arrival At Reception


-First Dance

-Guest Well Wishes

-Fun Had At Reception

Did this list not answer your question? Then we encourage you to get in contact with us and ask us any question you may have about any aspect of Record The Knot’s Service.Call us or email us today.